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A Powerflush is an efficient way of removing the sludge and dirt that build up inside your central heating system over time. This sludge lowers efficiency and can cause damage to switching and finally failure. You will find a regular flushing valuable and even when you replace a boiler you often leave radiators in place and these will contain sludge and dirt so it is worth flushing the system on updating your boiler.


Typical symptoms of sludge blockage may be:


  • Poor efficiency and so higher than expected bills

  • Cold radiators

  • Pump problems

  • Noisy systems

The system may be suffering without you realising from:


  • Corrosion

  • Boiler deposits possibly leading to failure


How to carry out a powerflush


A device is used for the powerflush and is connected and left to run until the deposits and sludge are cleared. As from the above you will expect improved performance and lowered bills, enhanced system life from pump and boiler and reduced noise.

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