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Established in 1964, Fernox is a leading manufacturer of water treatment chemical products, central heating system filters, plumbing consumables and diagnostic testing services.  Fernox has pioneered the development of energy efficient products bAoth for traditional and renewable technology in domestic and commercial applications. The company is committed to a progressive Research and Development programme and has invested in an extensive in-house R&D team of scientists based in the UK, US and India.

Its operating headquarters are located in Woking, UK with manufacturing facilities across Europe and offices in France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary,  People’s Republic of China and the US, with plans to expand further into Eastern Europe and Asia.

In December 2015, Fernox was acquired by Platform Specialty Products (PSP) a global diversified producer of high technology specialty products and a provider of technical services. As part of PSP, Fernox operates as a subsidiary business of MacDermid Performance Solutions Group. 

Fernox Magnetic Filter
Fernox Inhitibitors
Introducing Fernox TF1 Omega Filter – Precision Engineered Filter
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